LearnEnglish Audio & Video App Reviews

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very good

i v been using the app for english classes . more free videos would be great to te the app. may be videos for teenagers would be useful too.

Great !

Great tool to practice your English!

Very good!

Very good!

Nice Learning Application

Nice Learning Application


A great application, i really like it


Personally, I find the application very useful, especially for those who want to improve their English.


Its an absolutely useful app for English students! Beyond learning a language you have the opportunity to know the British culture! Thanks British Council!


This app is fantastic. It will help you a lot... Dont lost time... Get it now!!!


Thiss pretty amazing that we can learn English and British culture together. However I think the time to downloading is a little problem... But its sure 5 stars. Thank you and congratulations British Council for another brilliant job.


Its a great app.


A great app to improve your listening skills!



No support for blocked screen

I just want to listening the audio. If I block (or auto-block) my screen the app stop. Others app from British Council have the same problem.


Excellent! Good quality! It is perfect to learn English.

Very good

Very good


Good&comphreensible English accent. I will try it on.


Nice for advanced students!


This app is very usefull, but it be more interesting if all of lessons were free.

Whose game is it


Very good to learn better English!

I have problems for listening to English conversation. So it´s a good way to hear and read English texts to improve my skills. I like the app.

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